Audrey was born in Helmsdale and brought up on a croft in West Helmsdale. After graduating from Aberdeen University with an M.A. (Hons) degree in French and German she trained as a broadcast journalist and spent nearly thirty years in journalism, working in Scotland, England, France, Germany and Switzerland, with people from all over the world.

As for her family background, Audrey’s ancestors are one of the original Gartymore families who were living in the township and working the land for generations before the Clearances.

Her great-grandfather, Donald Watson, was one of the four founders of the local Land Law Reform Association, which was the forerunner of the Highland Land League. He is commemorated on the Memorial Cairn in Gartymore.

Her great-great-uncle, Robert Gilchrist, discovered gold in Kildonan, sparking Scotland’s only gold-rush.

Audrey has a life-long interest in local history, in particular the Land League, and now that she has returned home permanently she plans to spend more time researching and writing about the people and events that have shaped this parish.